Manuel Magana

Welcome to my SmugMug site. My interest in photography began in 1979 when I purchased a Canon AE1. After becoming certified in scuba diving in 1986, I became interested in underwater photography. My first underwater camera was the Nikonos V, then advancing to the Nikonos RS when it debuted. At about the same time, I turned to Nikon for my land cameras, beginning with the F4 and then the F5. When digital cameras came out, I waited only a short time before trying the D1. Still using the film cameras, I gradually converted over to the digital cameras. The last holdout for film was my underwater Nikonos. When the D2X was released, I completely converted to digital. I bought an underwater housing to hold the Nikon camera and haven't looked back. I am currently enjoying the D3.

Photography has opened the door to many friendships. I have enjoyed traveling and documenting the sights of the world with my cameras, both on land and underwater. I began producing a calendar with my photography in 1992, which I am still publishing to this day.